Michael Melchner - Delta Ditch

Label: Concealed Sounds - CCLD003
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Denmark
Released: 31 Jul 2014
Style: House, Techno

Michael Melchner - Delta Ditch/Under the Veil


The third release on Martinez's Concealed Sounds is signed by Michael Melchner, who's been on the on the scene for quite a while now. The Nuremberg native came out strong back in 2008 on Matthias Tanzman's Cargo Edition label with his debut EP - "The Things You Did" and he's since put out a number of releases including a memorable remix for Dots "Never Say Never" and an unsigned track featured on La Pena 006, entitled "Soul City".

He's known for his funky, chunky, straight to the point brand of tech-house which is edgy and dance floor oriented, often utilizing weird vocal cuts and a hard hitting kick drums that pierce through the mix. Lately he's moved into dubbier grounds, as we can see on this particular release, though he retains many of the qualities that make him stand out from the crowd - the kicks hit harder than ever and the overall sound quality has improved a lot since his first releases.

The A Side, "Delta Ditch" is a house banger stripped down to its very core - there's not much to be said in terms of rhythm or melody here, the straight 4/4 rhythm, swingy bass line, metallic hats and a punchy snare that modulates progressively, increasing in reverb and delay, pitching downwards throughout the track do the job of making this a very danceable track. A ghostly synth creeps its way through at around the 3rd minute mark, but it doesn't change the pace of the track much. It's one of those "eyes closed" tracks that keep the crowd tuned in but not completely immersed.

On the flip side we've got "Under the Veil". It starts off with a delayed offbeat bongo-like percussion that locks you in from the get go coupled with a slightly breaky beat. Soon enough the pad comes into place and it's pretty much a locked groove from then on. Melchner does however flip the switch on some small percussive details and a flanger later on, but nothing much else happens for the duration of the track.

The final piece of the EP is a 3 minute loop that probably serves either as a DJ tool or a extremely short warm-up track. The overall feeling of the EP is that Michael is in the process of shifting gears - he's going for something a lot darker than what he's previously released, though it is still very much in tune to what we've heard from him in the past, as far as style is concerned - it's definitely dance floor material. His other release earlier this year on Paragram Records, entitled "Command," also undertakes a dark tone, but is more experimental, complex and layered. One can only assume he's experimenting with his sound lately so we should be hearing some pretty interesting things from him in the near future.