Brian Harden - The World Peace

Label: COLT Music - COLT002
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Spain
Released: 16 January 2016
Style: House, Deep House, Microhouse

Newcomer label Colt's second release fuses the new with the old - a reboot of one of Chicago native Brian Harden's EP on "Nite Life Collective" alongside a remix from Romanians SIT (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia).

Back in 2001, "The World Peace" came out as a four track, two sided EP. COLT licensed two of them and, in contrast with their first EP from Hamid, this one is screams house all over, so dance floors rejoice.

The EP starts off with the A1 on the 2001 original "Where You Are", a distinct, vocal driven deep house gem that proves once again that the classic formula rarely misses when done by a world class producer like Harden. Vocals, a subtle 909 kick, deep minor chords that sweep through the track and a sweet, gentle bassline keeps you going for little over 6 minutes. You only wish more tracks like this would get re-released.

The A2 is slightly more upbeat and happier, even though it's a bit less heavier on the low end - "Awakening" is a bouncy little groover that revolves around filtered hi-hats, a continuous pad that covers most of the track and provides a distinct Chicago feeling. As usual, the 909 kick and shorther complementary bassline keep the track in a dance off state and the main theme of the track, short rhythmic melodic keys, give it a warm and fuzzy feeling all throughout the 6 minutes.

Romanians SIT take charge on the B Side with their take on "Where You Are". For the remix, they scrapped the vocals and the original 909 kick is swapped for a short 808 and a more subby bass. As with the original, the melody is ever present with a continuous pad that modulates through volume, delayed dubby chords and small tingly bells in the background - even though the track is clearly from another age and style, it still retains much of the Chicago feeling that the original has. The drum tracks are pretty straightforward - short decayed closed hats and open 4/4's that round up the track's dynamic nicely with a short, snappy 909 clap.

After an austere first release from Hamid, Colt leaves its mark with this EP and starts off 2016 in style. The decision to mix it up with a remix from one of the leading microhouse producers from eastern europe caters to a growing fanbase of romanian electronic music, while the originals will surely please many aficionados of the classic Chicago style house music.