Sonus Discis first party impressions.

Our first party special comes in the form of a double sided interview and a presentation of our own private party, that featured two the artists that the Sonus Discis booking agency represents: Roy Koch and Michel Bogaert.

SD Party

Both of them hail from Amsterdam, NL and they're aficionados of the old school sound that both our group and our booking agency is centered around. Unfortunately, due to the hectic schedule and lack of time we were not able to perform these interviews live, but we managed to make it happen through the online medium, which is, after all, what we're well known for.

As far as our first private party goes, we're extremely happy and grateful for everything that came to fruition on that faithful night. Smiles were shared, positive feelings were felt and an all around good vibe was omnipresent whilst Dan Popa, Piticu and, obviously, Ray Koch and Michel Bogaert entertained the crowd.

We would like to thank, on this note, everybody that was involved in the realization of a wonderful night that will surely be the benchmark of our future parties.

SD Party

As we've promised, here are a few words from Roy & Michel, in response to our questions about that night and their career as DJs, musicians and members of the Sonus Discis booking agency:

Tell us a bit about yourself, how you got into electronic music, what inspired you to start playing music in the first place.

Roy: For me it all started with going to big Dutch parties like Awakenings, Lowlands and the Cocoon parties. I loved DJ's like Sven Vath, Luciano etc. I was really interested in this new world and new type of music. As a result I bought my first pair of CD players quickly after going to my first party. A few years later I started buying records next to playing CDs. In the meantime my taste and record collection has advanced a lot. Now I have a collection I am very happy with and which is still growing every day.

Michel: Hi I'm Michel. When I was about 20 years old I discovered a type of music I hadn't heard of before. I started to collect some vinyls and within two years I started DJing house music.

What would be your fondest memories regarding the parties you attended as both a DJ and part of the crowd.

Roy: I have many different great memories. I think my best memories are from the earlier parties. For instance when I first heard guys like Arpiar or Villalobos play I was blown away and inspired. Now I still have this same feeling when I for instance hear Zip play a good set at like Robert-Johnson.

Michel: The Romanian crowd is amazing, very friendly, open minded people with great taste in music! I've had some great conversations and shared great memories

Your impression of Romania regarding the people, the culture, architecture, the night life, etc. Whatever impressed you most about our little corner of the world and why.

Roy: This was my third time going to Romania, so I am already a bit familiar with Romania and its culture. Every time I am surprised by how friendly the Romanians are. Everybody is always smiling and super friendly. For me Romania is currently the best place to party in the world. Of course the cheap beer helps as well.

Michel: I was really impressed with hospitality of the people in Romania. The night life in Bucharest is great, with party's going on for days, I felt a bit like a was in Berlin.

How do you perceive your relationship with Sonus Discis. How it all started and what are your hopes for the future regarding your collaboration with us.

Roy: It started by Cristian approaching me and laying out his plans with Sonus Discis. I liked his ideas and the other artists he that are part of SD are impressive as well. It was an easy decision for me to join SD. Of course we are just starting out, but I think the first party is a great example of what's to come.

In the future I hope to play and to get to know the guys behind SD better. Last time in Romania I had a lot of fun hanging out with Max, Cristian and the other guys who are involved with SD. I am sure we will have a bright future ahead of us!

Michel: Sonus Discis gave me an opportunity to play for a very specific crowd, something I always wanted, so I'm very glad they gave me this chance and off course I hope we can play some more in the future :).

How did the two of you meet and what sparked this DJ duo and what are your plans for the future regarding Roy Koch & Michel Bogaert.

Roy: We have almost exactly the same music taste, so naturally you bump in to each other at parties, so that's how we met. After talking a few times to each other at parties we decided to meet at my place to play some records. We have a lot of fun and we continued playing together regularly at home. From there on we have grown to being good friends as well as enjoying the same music. I don't really know what the future holds regarding our cooperation. First and foremost I am a solo DJ, but I am definitely looking forward to playing back to back more often with Michel as well. Michel is a great DJ and I really enjoy playing with him.

Michel: Roy and I first met at a party in Trouwamsterdam, I think Sascha Dive played at the time. We started talking and we had a great time. After that we would regularly go to parties and play together at each others places.

How was the party in your eyes and to our ears. What pros and cons do you perceive were most important on that night.

Roy: The party was great! One of my best gigs for sure, super nice crowd, good sound system and the venue was nice as well. I also enjoy playing long sets and I think we played for eight hours, so I am very happy with that.

Michel: First let me say that the party was amazing. The location was really nice and the sound system was really good. But the best thing at the party was the vibe with all the lovely people together.

Regarding music production, what are your views and aims in the area. Have you started producing music and how far back did it all start.

Roy: I have been producing music on and off for the past years. My main focus is currently on digging for music, organizing parties and DJ'ing. You never know what the future holds though...

Michel: I don't see myself as a producer, only as a dj who plays music that I love. I do search a lot and that will remain my aim for the next few years. Digging music is what I do and what I love. The feeling you get when you find a great record is just magic (especially in a dusty record shop).

One track that inspired you and you keep coming back to. A classic if you will. And why?

Roy: So many great tracks produced by a wide range of artists and labels from all around the world. It's hard to imagine how much great (hidden) music is available. How about this one from one of my favorite labels:

Michel: A very hard one to decide, but I'll go for Brett Johnson - We're Gonna Move. This track has everything I like in a house track; it's funky, groovy, has a really nice drive, good vocal and some weird sounds in it :-).

A word of inspiration for our readers?

SD Party

Roy: ^____^

Michel: Work hard, don't stop until you're satisfied :)