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Nationality:  Russian
Residence:  Moscow
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Andrey Zots's timeless music selection, a subtle mixing style and his authentic, elegant appearance behind the decks keep impressing clubbers and promoters around the globe. Constantly evolving and picking up impulses, he follows his intuition rather then trends, surprising the audience with unexpected sets, that have an unpretentious, male touch. For him it’s all about the story a dj is telling and the ambience being created, not about genres or playing one big tune after the other. Each gig he prepares passionately, trying to imagine and select the right music for each place he's visiting.

Grew up in the outskirts of Sergiev Posad, an old Russian city. He began playing piano and guitar at the early age and later received education in classical music. In the mid 1990s he discovered the world of electronic music for himself, took a great interest in modular synthesis, algorithmic and ambient music, sound-design; experimented with interactive installations. Making his living in radio and TV sound post-production, at the same time Andrey collaborated with some live bands as an arranger and sound-producer. Years of experience of working with sound help a lot - dreams finally come true. His tracks draw attention of well-known European labels. Later came residency in famous Arma and Nervmusic. And the future promises new records, live performances, and… who knows what's waiting for us 'round the corner? After all, this is techno…


12" - "Sweet Spot" EP - Unreleased
12" - "Descendance" EP - Nervmusic Records
12" - Andrey Zots & Laurine Frost - "Shadow Sessions" EP
12" - Not So Secret Diary001
12" - Ty El EP - Arma Records
12" - Scrapes Will Not Be Tolerated EP - Nervmusic Records
12" - Useless on Various ARMA 01 - Arma Records
12" - Just5 Parsecs From Home EP - Relax 2000 Records
12" - Andrey Zots vs Combinator - "Fugly / Wooden Box " - Chin Chill
10" - Andrey Zots - "Lost, found and finally lost"/Calapez "Tommie train" - Finger tracks
12" - "Winter 2008 EP" - Globoxltd
12" - "I AM" - AFU ltd