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Nationality:  Narcote d'Azur
Residence:  Get Perlonized
Label:  Perlon, WIR
Project:  Narcotic Syntax, Hypnobeat
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James Dean Brown, living/working in Berlin and Frankfurt, is deeply rooted in the adventuresome Perlon family and a DJ regular in the rotating line-up of their monthly, infamous "Get Perlonized" parties at Panorama Bar since 2001. Producing and DJing for more than 20 years, JDB is a story-teller, crossing a wide field of genres. His versatile, musical roller coaster rides are strictly passionate, vinyl-based, of timeless quality and designed for gaining "The Emotional Maximum". They follow an approach of serious deepness, psychedelia and Voodoo House; "minimalism" means reduction of conformity here.

From October 2014 JDB will hold a residency at 'Badaboum' club in Paris, establishing a Thursday night entitled "Badass Boombox" every two months where he will be joined by friends and soulmates from his favourite, beloved music communities to celebrate a floor full of sonic surprises.

Evolving from the project Hypnobeat, JDB founded Narcotic Syntax in 1995, a band he re-boosted together with Yapacc in 2003. 2013 saw the exciting new evolution of Hypnobeat with Helena Hauff joining the project.


A music lover and collector with a comprehensive and diversified musical experience, James Dean Brown developed an unconditional passion for the essence of music as primary emotion carrier. Consequently, he merges an exciting variety of styles in his club, lounge and radio sets.

JDB is known for living up to calculated extravagant licentiousness. While he sets the floors on fire by igniting a combustible brew of effective dance propellants, his DJ manoeuvres produce a flow that often takes deliberately unexpected turns. However, a smart feel for progression and sound design finds expression in elegant fades and rounded resolutions. Lowering the floor deep down to the groundwater of euphoria, home of the bass, JDB arouses a swarm of sophisticated rhythms from there. Ranging from soulful and tribal vibes via West Coast House to all sorts of Club Funk the space in between fills with sensuality, lascivious energy, temptation, and blasts of heat. The destination for the crowd is collective freakability.

Reviews rave about JDB's "oeuvre of massive dancefloor destruction", his "auditive tsunami" and his "exciting mix sessions (that) can manage your body in a way you didn't expect", while others have "seen him absolutely kill a dancefloor". The prodigal groove becomes sensually entangled with the syncopated body of love...

JDB plays popular places and events in Germany, Europe and the world. A selection: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Bordeaux, Cologne, Corfu, Frankfurt, Gdansk, Geneva, Hamburg, Kassel (Documenta X), Kiev, Krakow, London, Lyon, Mannheim (Time Warp 9), Milano, Moscow, Munich (Ultraschall), Nantes, Offenbach (Robert Johnson), Paris, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Zurich; Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Kyoto (Star Festival), Osaka, Tokyo, Toronto.

From 2006-08, JDB was involved in A&R activities for Cologne-based Treibstoff Recordings, provider of high-energy club fuels, and participated in forming the musical profile of the associated WIR label.


In 2013 Hypnobeat retransformed from its successor Narcotic Syntax, with Helena Hauff joining JDB on stage. Incessantly feeding their hungry machines, the duo's live performances of explosive nature are completely based on improvisation. JDB and HH program their abundance of rhythmic phrasings from scratch – by exhausting the power of an untamed Roland horde which is truly unique on stage. Here's the equation: 1x TR-707 + 3x TR-808 (+ 2x TB-303) + an array of effects = provocative percussion, unbridled passion, ritual ecstasy, hypnodelic temptation, psycho-exotic magic, and a quantum of danger under a crypto-bohemian approach.

Besides, Narcotic Syntax (JDB + Yapacc) continue to play rare live performances, joined by Pit Spector when feasible to live out the Narcopit Syntax (or Narcopit Spectax) trio experience.


" was religious..." (Brice, Concrete)
"James Dean Brown, you will never stop surprising me with your selection and groove..." (Pete, Concrete)
"…gorgeous mixes and stunning selection... pure madness..."
"Man youre a living legend, love your productions also, one of the most honest people in this industry."
" Thanks to burn Paris each time!!"
"…tandis que celui que certains qualifient de James «Dieu» Brown (...) nous servira un de ces sets house old-school dont lui seul a le secret." (Trace a Line)


DJ sets

Resident Advisor

James Dean Brown
Narcotic Syntax




Fabric, London (03/2013)
MEOKO, England (12/2012)
Phonographe Corp, France (11/2012)


Input Selector – Instant T by James Dean Brown
rf8 Playlist


Releases with Narcotic Syntax
Provocative Percussion, 2x12"EP (WIR 005), 2006
Reptile Sweat Accelerator EP (Perlon Perl45), 2005
Calculated Extravagant Licentiousness EP (Perlon Perl39), 2004
Ultravolta / Megadieselizer EP (Perlon 04), 1998

The Thanatonautes (Narcodrive) (remix of "The Thanatonautes" by Sang Sattawood), unreleased
Sir Breiss (remix of "Edo Breiss" by Italoboyz) on: V.A. – Bla Bla Bla Remixed (Mothership MSHIP030), 2010
Komodo Dragons (narcotic boost) (remix of "Komodo Dragons" by Misty Roses) on: Narcotic Syntax – Reptile Sweat Accelerator EP (Perlon Perl45), 2005
Excerpt from Mastodon Dinozord (Nothing But rmx) (remix of "Nothing but Anything" by Pile) on: Pile – Modern, CD/2x12"EP (Sony Music/Epic), 1996+97

Compilations + Mixes
Superlongevity Five, 7x12"EP comp/2CD (Perlon Perl84), 2010
Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka: Porn Music for the Masses Volume 2, mp3-comp (WM Recordings WM076), 2008
Gabriel Ananda / Pascal Feos & Domenic D'Agnelli – Rave on Snow 15, 2xCD (Level Non Zero LNZ 0032), 2006
c/o Pop Festival Compilation, 2xCD (c/o pop cop 05 CD), 2006
Perlon Allstars – Superloooongevity, 4x12"EP/2CD (Perlon Perl56), 2006
Superlongevity 3, 3x12"EP/CD (Perlon Perl36), 2003
hallo.01 Audio/Video Comp. - Innen und Aussen, CD (hallo.01), 2003
Two Zombies Later - strange and unusual music from the Exotica Mailing List, mp3-comp (Comfort Stand CSR001), 2003
Superlongevity 2, 2x12"EP/2CD (Perlon Perl 23), 2001
Richie Hawtin – DE9: Closer to the Edit, 2x12"EP/CD (M_nus8LP/CD / Novamute nomu 90), 2001
Zip ¬ Superlongevity 2, 2CD (Perlon23CD), 2001
Manu le Malin - Il Était une Fois, CD (Astropolis human-07), 2001
Julian Smith – Deep and Dirty, CD (Neuton neujscd), 2000
Superlongevity, 2x12"EP (Perlon 10), 1999

New 12"EP on Perlon, 2014
The Creed of the Eternal Narcoverse (Last Outburst of Beauty Parts 1+2), 12"EP box, 2015
An album entitled The Emotional Maximum, featuring singer Robert Conroy of Misty Roses, is expected to be released in 2020.

Forthcoming Releases with Hypnobeat
Contribution to compilation Pluie/Noir Year Two, 3x12"EP (Pluie/Noir Recordings), 2014
Prototech, retrospective album+7"EP (Serendip), 2014
Hypnobeat Acid Kobalt Pneumatics, retrospective album (Dark Entries), 2014
Roumour has it that seismic activities have been recorded (live@CTM Festival, Berghain), 12"EP+cassette, 2014