Sonus Discis presents About:Blank

About:Blank concept series is a musical canvas where emerging producers can showcase their productions with felllow community members.

Creativity springs from the most unexpected places. But it also springs from where the sharing of good quality music, and art in general, plants its seeds. Having seen the Sonus Discis community evolve from a small Facebook group to a flourishing forum of music enthusiasts, we reckon it is time to step up a gear. Therefore, besides enabling the sharing of good quality, already published music, we want to enable young, talented, known or not-so-much-known producers showcase their skills. And this is how the About:blank idea came up.

We all know what About:blank means. And, at the moment, it is no more than a blank page, but we aim to change that very soon. Open to any young producer or even to you, the Sonus Discis community members (should you feel you have something worth listening to), this concept's aim is to create a platform for creativity, in its electronic musical form, to meet an auditorium of educated music lovers, and for young artists to make that important step out of the unknown.